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Mastering Real Estate Marketing with 1parkplace

Real Estate Marketing Strategy
Plan your real estate marketing strategy in the following order. This strategy is based on years of experience from top producing 1parkplace members

#1 Past Clients – Sphere/ Center of Influence
– 74% of transactions come from this source
– Here are your best megaphones for referrals
– Plan to call your past customers every 90 days
– Use the Ultimate SMART BOSS for best results

#2 Real Estate Listings from Better Farming
– 42% of listings are from connecting with your farm
– Sellers expect the best Internet Marketing Plan
– Combine traditional marketing with technology
– 60% offline marketing, 30% online & 10% tech
– Use a SMART Press REALTOR Website & micro sites

#3 Marketing to Real Estate Home Buyers
– 90+% of home shoppers are using the Internet
– A key is to keep buyers on YOUR REALTOR website
– Not on or any other online solution
– You need the best MLS IDX lead generation system
– It’s imperative to use the BEST REALTOR Websites
– Real Estate SEO – search engine optimization

# 4 Real Estate Social Marketing
– Dial in your Facebook, Linked In & Twitter
– Proper execution results in new business
– Need dedicated plan to properly earn results
– Improve website ranking when properly executed






Real estate marketing plan

The 1parkplace Real Estate Marketing Life-Cycle TM

  • Real Estate Marketing Plan
  • Real Estate BROKERAGE marketing
  • Real Estate TEAMS marketing
  • FREE Real Estate Marketing handbook
  • Real Estate Marketing technology
  • Real Estate SEO
  • REALTOR Websites
  • Real Estate lead generation
  • REALTOR Training

The science of Real Estate Marketing to generate the most business for the lowest investment starts with understanding the real estate customer lifecycle. Specifically knowing what real estate technology, techniques and strategy to deploy at the perfect time to develop quality customer relationships and close more deals is the key.

Many real estate agents don’t understand that strategic Real Estate Marketing must be directed to the correct client category at the exact time to be MOST effective. It is far too common for an agent to get in a groove and miss out on opportunities because of lack of proper targeting, follow-up or timely information delivery.

The core objective of 1parkplace is to help real estate agents, real estate teams and real estate brokerages to strategically assemble a Real Estate Marketing Plan to carefully target each level of the Real Estate Customer Life Cycle at exactly the right time to develop better relationships and close more sales.

The ideal real estate solution starts with targeting your existing real estate contact database before trying to find new real estate leads. Yes, new real estate leads sound real good, however your real estate contact database needs to be effective in order to scale your real estate business.

Bear in mind that it takes strong Commitment, Consistency and Patience to develop a successful Real Estate Marketing system. The 1parkplace approach teaches its members how to target their relationships at the right time with the right information.