Real Estate Marketing Partnership with 1parkplace

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What is the 1parkplace Five Star Success plan?

The 1parkplace Five Star Success program is a hands-on collaboration, a strategy consultation and implementation service designed to help you sell more real estate. Our Five Star Marketing program is a balanced system and process to build relationships with clients and prospects that combines the effective use of Websites, eMail, social marketing, Direct Mail, phone and a good old-fashioned handshake.

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Why do I need an eMarketing plan from 1parkplace?

Studies from the National Association of Realtors and the California Association of Realtors show that almost 97% of homebuyers use the Internet to start their homebuying process.  These people believe that the Internet will give them detailed information and save them time in their home search. However, studies show that less than 10% actually choose their agent from the Internet search they perform.  This is why it’s key to connect with your community and engage your audience so YOU are the one they choose both online and off. The 1parkplace Five Star Success Plan gives you the system to leverage your existing or new tools to attract and retain all of your real estate clients with a focus on engagement that sets you apart from your competition.

What does the 1parkplace Five Star Success Plan include?

Your 1parkplace Five Star team will dive deep into the activities that make you money so you can earn more referrals, be consistent in following-up, position your website and promote your specialization. Most of all, this program is easy to use: you don’t have to be a computer genius to take advantage of this unique and powerful program.  The 1parkplace Five Star Success Plan is your personal pilot that is designed to help you work smarter, not harder.

For more information on our Five Star Real Estate Marketing Success Partnership Plan, please contact us at [email protected] or call 888-425-2300

✰ First Star – Analyze

  • Contact Management Activities
  • Website Strategies
  • Direct Marketing Pieces
  • Community Engagement
  • Social Networking
  • Marketing Effort vs. Reward

✰ Second Star – Plan

  • Create blueprint to improve marketing to existing contacts
  • Create blueprint to improve prospecting activities to generate leads
  • Define target activities
  • Create marketing schedule
  • Organize contact groups
  • Gather content for online and offline marketing

✰ Third star – Configure

  • Update/configure marketing tools
  • Create community landing pages with custom searches on your website
  • Configure subdomains for SEO
  • Personalize welcome letters
  • Configure lead preferences
  • Edit Call to Action on email
  • Modify voicemail
  • Set up instant messages
  • Create postcard mailers pointing to your page and social media
  • Dial in Yelp, Zillow, Trulia, profiles

✰ Fourth Star – Execute

  • Send personalized welcome letters
  • Schedule/make follow-up phone calls
  • Launch new, strategic direct mail campaign
  • Send a monthly market update campaign
  • Social networking
  • Community engagement

✰ Fifth Star – Measure

  • Monthly strategy call
  • Three weekly update calls
  • Review web traffic w/ SMART Tracker analytics
  • 4 Craigslist postings published for you
  • 1 market report article posted/email sent for you