SMART BOSS – The Ultimate Real Estate CRM

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Do you have room for improvement in marketing to your customer database?

SMART = Strategic Marketing And Relationship Technology
BOSS = Back Office Support System


  • Your Ultimate 24 hour a day sales assistant
  • Turn-key real estate customer management
  • Turn key real estate client management
  • Integrated listing marketing & syndication
  • Publish your listings directly to Craigslist
  • Instant text alerts of prospecting activities
  • Exclusive “Active Prospector” client monitor
  • Optional Team and Broker versions

SMART BOSS Plan Comparison Chart

Who it’s for:

  • All real estate professionals who want to close more business from their sphere of influence
  • The ULTIMATE BOSS is for agents who want the best system for securing and marketing listings
  • Team leaders seeking the best accountability system for buyer agents
  • Brokerage firm owners seeking turnkey marketing systems for all agents


Introducing the 1parkplace SMART BOSS:

At 1parkplace, we believe the Ultimate in Real Estate Marketing starts with marketing to everyone you know and meet face to face before marketing to those you have not met. Statistics show that that agents who do a great job of marketing to their center of influence, generate about 1 sale for every 10-15 contacts in their database every year. The key here is to get as many people in your contact database as possible and then do a great job of connecting with them.

The 1parkplace Ultimate SMART BOSS uses proven lead conversion methodologies and state of the art exclusive management technologies to successfully convert your prospects and contacts into closed sales. Not only can you track your visitor’s search habits to help them better select properties, but also “touch” them with integrated email and newsletter drip campaigns. The SMART Boss will even notify you by SMS text message and e-mail when a visitor takes action on your site so you can immediately respond and offer a superior level of service. It is truly your automated marketing partner that has proven to grow the businesses of the country’s top producers and elite level agents.

Studies show that it costs less than $100 per transaction to market to people you already know and over $1000 per transaction to market to people you’ve never met. NAR also reports that nearly 75% of all transactions are conducted by clients who have an established relationship with their agent.

With 1parkplace on your side, we are passionate about helping you close more deals!

Craigslist publisher and listing syndicator Gain exponential exposure for your own listings by syndicating them onto Google, Trulia & Craigslist. Increase your traffic and lead generation results by dragging in visitors from these sites to your site.
Smart Tracker Powerful website analytics system identifies how your site was found, where people click on it and geographical location of your website visitors. Understand where and how people are finding your website(s). Improve your sites retention ability by knowing where people actually click on your site. Determine how many people “bounce” from your site and what search engine they found you on.
Drip Email, Quick Email and E-mail blaster – Completely customizable easy set-up solution for scheduled client communication and timely content distribution.
Contact Manager – Leads generated from the MLS Wizard flow into the contact manager automatically. Captures the web page (url) on each lead generated for accurate lead sourcing. View extensive lead history information including favorite listings, searches saved & properties viewed.
BOSS Message Center – Eight pre-written and scheduled email campaigns with automated subscription ability. Add new, edit/delete existing campaigns. All emails are sent on carefully designed email stationary prominently marketing you with your photo & contact information and are hyperlinked back to your site for increased website traffic.
Email Blaster – Blast email individuals, groups, multiple groups or all contacts at any time. All emails are sent on carefully designed email stationary prominently marketing you with your photo & contact information.and are hyperlinked back to your site for increased website traffic.
SMS Lead Alert – SMS Lead Alert allows you to respond to new & existing leads even faster while you’re in the field by sending text messages to your cell phone or PDA. Set criteria for the types of leads to be sent to your phone or PDA.
Value Wizard – This interactive tools encourages potential sellers to enter their contact information so you can prepare a CMA. Value Wizard contacts are automatically entered into the sellers group in your Integrated Contact Manager.
SMART Reports & Analytics – SMART Reports & Analytics enable you to measure and ultimately manage your marketing efforts. Summary and detail reports allow you to see the number of leads generated, listings viewed, searches saved, lead conversion ratios and even how often your site.