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Consultants, Speakers and Coaches – we have a solution for you!

Are you committed to providing your clients with the very best solution for generating sales leads, tracking progress and converting leads to sales?  Then, consider offering what thousands of top real estate agents use – 1parkplaces’ SMART BOSS solutions. This is the perfect technology solution for real estate consultants, speakers and coaches, to add to their program for a profit!

Several reseller programs are offered to integrate with your current service offerings, selling methods and marketing strategies:

Direct Reseller – Your firm provides the sales team to consult and close deals on your own.  You provide direct support to your clients and 1parkplace supports you. (1parkplace does not engage directly with your clients).  This program typically offers resellers the highest profit margins.

Referring Partner – Your firm refers clients to 1parkplace, and we complete the sale on your behalf.  Your clients are issued a special code that allows you to monitor the status of their projects and your commissions.  This program is ideal for those who prefer less involvement in selling SMART solutions and want 1parkplace to manage billings and collections.  Commission percentages are based on order volume.

Private Label Licensee – Your firm acquires a license from 1parkplace to privately label SMART BOSS technologies as your own.  Contact us if you’d like to explore this alternative.

We support our Real Estate Marketing Partners with:

  • Customized marketing strategies for your business development needs
  • Cooperative marketing and shared event promotion opportunities
  • Customized order center with your own promotional code for tracking
  • Branded website content pages for presenting the 1parkplace solution on your website
  • Direct access to our member care and technical teams
  • Monthly WebEx updates featuring SMART enhancements and new capabilities
  • Partner link on 1parkplace

. . . and much more.

Contact us today!