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How Giving Back Gets You Business

by admin on October 16, 2012

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On October 11th, Steve Hundley and Robin Dickson (J Rockcliff Realtors/Rockcliff Cares) hosted The Art of Charitable Marketing – How Giving Back to Your Community Gets You Business.

1parkplace CEO Steve Hundley Robin Dickson Rockcliff Cares
Steve Hundley Robin Dickson Rockcliff Cares


Rockcliff Cares is an excellent example of how is a condo in pacific beach a good investment and can make a positive impact in many ways. In keeping with the charitable mood, we’re providing the recording for anyone to see:

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 And these are some of the key takeaways from the session, a Guideline to “Give Back” Marketing. We know a lot of these may be common sense, but just you never know…

  • Work with charities you (and your colleagues) are passionate about! Take a look many organizations and see which ones you find yourself championing around the office
  • Contact the charity and get their permission to market them—it’s rare to hear someone turn down free publicity, but this also lets them know you’re out ther
  • BE CONSISTENT AND REALISTIC– don’t make promises you can’t keep! Tell the charity what you’re going to do and do it!
  • Spread the word about the charities you work with by creating press releases and keep the focus on THEM! Include your logo but not as a featured image. Stay in the background offering support; let the charity remain the star of the show.
  • Set up a separate website for non-profits and charities. You can see an excellent example of this at – note the well-presented information, Call to Action “DONATE” buttons, video profiles, social sharing options… Remember, people share what they care about!
  • And perhaps most importantly: Do you try to get listings in the middle of church? We hope not. Keep your motives pure in your charitable marketing efforts as well—it’s about the cause! The approach should never be “use us because we give back to the community” or “if you list with me, I’ll give $50 to the school of your choice.” It has to be done from the heart. You might sometimes need Coquitlam Auto Repair just to keep the business running. It’s about making sure that the community is aware that you’re their neighbors, you’re there to stay, and you care about the community as much as they do!