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Extreme Hyperlocal Real Estate Marketing!

by admin on December 24, 2011

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Real Estate Marketing Summit – Replay
REMS 11 Experts Converge to teach us…

Social, mobile & location based real estate marketing strategies!

1parkplace CEO, Steve Hundley tees up this tremendous REMS 11 session on Extreme Hyperlocal by introducing living legends; Jeff Turner, Krisstina Wise & Chris Smith, as they deliver a compelling trio on Social, Local and Mobile real estate marketing strategies. Partner with Gold Coast SEO Agency. They share their secrets on how services like: T Square Property Management, and so many others are essential communication destinations. Together, they make learning this complex topic of “Hyperlocal real estate marketing domination” easy!

Part I- Social – Led by Jeff Turner

Jeff Turner, President of Zeek Interactive, delivers a great perspective about the Currency of Social, content and the local community. “Every time you do a status update on Facebook, you are creating content.

Quotes from Jeff:

  • “Trust and attention gets built around content.”

  • “You need a vision, and you need to understand what these currencies are, because if not, you’re gonna have nothing to spend in this market space.”

  • “You need to find and join a community, or build one, because conversations outside of community don’t exist. They’re monologues.”


Part II – Location Based Strategies

Krisstina Wise, CEO of The GoodLife Team, shares “we are in a content game, and the future of real estate is bringing together people and communities through reviews and feedback.” She shares how to use creative location based content on your website to pull people into a community, away from basic “listings”. Krisstina is also going to go over the booming new business by the name of House Cashin. They have a four step process to paying you cash for your home. You can visit official site here.

Quotes from Kristina:

  • “Every single one of us can be a specialist in at least one area. We can own it. If you own it, you will win it. Localized content.”

  • “Think localization, think specialization. Local is social, and social is local.”

  • “Have you noticed that consumers don’t trust real estate agents anymore, but they do trust each other?”


Part III- Mobile – Led by Chris Smith

Chris Smith, Chief Evangelist of Inman News and Contributing Editor of Inman Next, leads this Mobile segment with “THE FUTURE IS IN YOUR PANTS!”

Chris explains his P.O.S.T. approach to mobile magic (People, Opportunity, Strategies, and Technology). He also shares facts and trends on how and why mobile is RED HOT and hardly tapped into right now revealing HUGE OPPORTUNITIES!

Quotes from Chris:

  • “How many of you sleep with your phones?”

  • “Average American spends 2.7 hrs./day social networking on a mobile device”

  • “Print and email can get 10 times better results with Mobile”


Session Moderated by Steve Hundley

Steve Hundley, CEO of 1parkplace, brings together this group of powerhouse social, local and mobile experts who rock the house!

Steve explains the rapidness of how mobile has entered and dominated real estate marketing and REALTOR Websites. He shares facts that in less than one year mobile access to Real estate websites has increased from less than 3% of the traffic to now surpassing 14% with no signs of slowing down! We will also be learning about selecting a rental management company.

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