[UPDATED] 5 Steps to tripling your online lead conversion – Video Online

by steve.hundley on October 18, 2011

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From: Wednesday October 26, 2011

Webinar Description:

1parkplace CEO, Steve Hundley presents an educational 1 hour webinar workshop on the 5 Crucial Steps needed to triple conversion of broker and team generated leads.

Featuring the information needed to generate 3 times more sales from the opportunities created by a team website or your company, the workshop includes these five key steps:

1.  How to create and promote an offer to generate leads

2.  Steps to composing and publishing Google friendly content

3.  Dialing in your “Call to Action” for maximum lead generation

4.  Secrets to lead routing and incubation for maximum results

5.  Accountability best practices to ensure your staff is operating at peak efficiency

Video Content Added February 13, 2012