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by admin on November 4, 2011

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From: Wednesday November 9, 2011



Attention brokerage firm leadership, marketing directors and top agents!

If you’re seeking a low-cost, superior performance, and high impact way to reach and connect with your market in a consistent and effective manner, then this webinar workshop is for you.

In this one hour webinar, we reveal the 4 steps to generating content that is proving to deliver the highest level of both buyer and seller opportunities. We explain to brokers, teams and agents the fine points of what content consumers care about these days, how to organize it, how to find it, how to compose it, how to publish it so that we can get maximum results from the consumer and Google search rankings.

We uncover some very important sources that everyone has at their fingertips that they can use right now in order to create content that will both compel the consumers and provide long lasting value for your growing business. We are especially proud to be showcasing RISMedia’s NEW REsource – “Real Estate Content Solutions” for ease and accessing tremendous content right away. This workshop brings together the best minds in the business who have successfully implemented content that has gotten them remarkable market share in the areas where we’re focused and targeting most effectively.

Topics Include
• How to find, produce and compose great content
• Systems to manage content
• Broadcasting your content online, offline and social networks
• How to measure and track results

Click the video and watch as we examine the fine tuning of assembling and distributing content, the locations where content should be distributed both online and offline and the details as to the specific requirements that establish a high quality result.

This webinar should help give you a clear understanding of who should be in charge, content sources, and distribution methods including your blog-site, your social networks, direct mail along with your PR and media relations. It’s also a showcase for some of the tools and technologies used to monitor and analyze the results of proper content implementation. Enjoy!

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