Advertise your property DIRECTLY to relocating athletes!

  • Advertise your listings directly to the best buyers in the market today. . . Buyers from the NBA,NFL,MLB,NHL,PGA,AVP and more!
  • Receive Exclusive SSR NLS Property Certificate to present to your Sellers
  • Reach relocating athletes in your market
  • Advertise your listing on a national level
  • Put your listing in the spotlight
  • Provide a service to your sellers your competitors cannot

SportStar Relocation has developed a REVOLUTIONARY way for you to target your luxury property listing directly to professional athletes and their families. We have engineered a strategic and specific "SportStar Relocation NLS" system, very much like the MLS systems you as an agent are familiar with today. You can list your home with SportStar Relocation and it will be incorporated into our EXCLUSIVE, nationwide database until you sell the home or cancel the listing. By incorporating your listing into our database, athletes and their families can search for properties that suit their specific needs, and your listing will be singled out. Visitors to the SSR NLS are able to quickly identify the top homes of their choice. Once identified, the SSR Designated Local Area Representative will be contacted to arrange for previews of these homes and will work with you to bring you an offer on your listing.

Our "NLS" has added features that other sites don't offer to relocating athletes; by providing search parameters such as" 4+ car garage", "home theatre room", "sport court", "sound studio", "guarded community" and more, athletes are able to not only quickly select appropriate neighborhoods to relocate to, but also narrow their home search to exactly what they are looking for. Important key elements such as locations of stadiums and airports are prominently featured with each listing so that athletes can readily identify if a location is ideal for them. Our database is an invaluable tool for a family in needing to find a new home in an unfamiliar market quickly and efficiently; the same family with very little time to filter through various traditional IDX feed sources on the internet--homes in non-preferred areas and without the amenities they are seeking.

We also offer a "Showcase Listings" section which serves as a "featured listing" ad. "Showcase Homes" can be homes currently for sale by an athlete, or a home suitable for a relocating athlete. "Spotlight Homes" are featured prominently throughout the site and offer a premium advantage for exposure.

Another advertising option is the "Athlete Homes" map page, specifically designed to isolate and prominently feature homes currently owned by athletes that are for sale on the active market. Names and addresses of the athletes are kept confidential. It is common practice for athletes leaving a market to purchase a home of listed by an athlete in their new market. Professional athlete families trust that the previous athlete sought out the same elements that are important to them, such as proximity to the airport and practice facility, proximity to excellent schools, guarded & gated communities, etc.

The "Athlete Homes" page, features an interactive map of the United States, with major markets identified by the distinctive SportStar Relocation logo. Visitors can easily locate their new market and instantly view homes listed for sale by fellow athletes. Should visitors wish to customize their home search, they are re-directed to the SSR MLS and are then able to select specific search criteria in order to browse other listings which may not be owned by athletes, but that do have significant athlete appeal. Visitors are able to quickly identify the top homes of their choice. Once identified, the SSR Local Area Representative will be contacted to arrange for previews of these homes and will work to bring you an offer on your listing.