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SMARTpress #6 – Fun & Friendly

by admin on June 17, 2011

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“Fun & Friendly”
Blueprint Layout

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SMART Architecture


This Fun and Friendly semi custom real estate website design provides a high impact simple interface for your real estate customers to quickly search for homes and get information about your services and special real estate marketing skills.   Once fully customized, this real estate website will provide you 4 compelling above the fold call to action buttons next to a high impact image header area and an full featured above the fold Quick Search widget area.

The content area is fully flexible and will allow you ample space to present your offerings, neighborhoods, featured properties or any number of design options.

This design comes with custom inside page header and the ability to style an unlimited number of navigation sections and sidebar information publishing.


Visit the Sub Page Catalog for a complete set of available Sub Page options >>


Add some kick butt widgets and you have a power site that rocks!! >>