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EXCLUSIVE WEBINAR – Tom Ferry on Maximizing High Value Time

by admin on June 11, 2009

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Tom Ferry on 11 secrets to

MAXIMIZING your ”High Value Time!

Date:            Event was recorded on June 23, 2009

Time:            10:00 AM – Pacific Standard Time /1:00 PM EST

Location:      Your computer – Online webinar

COST:           FREE

Register:      Click HERE to receive a copy of the recorded event

Maximize your deals in the shortest amount of time!

What is “High Value Time”? (HVT) High Value Time is the time you spend during the day on activities that are designed to bring you in maximum $$$$. We only have a limited amount of time each day to meet and exceed our goals, so the key to bringing in more revenue in less time is knowing what activities provide the BEST return on “time” investment (ROI). This way we can earn to our maximum potential and still have a quality life with our family friends.

How valuable is your time? If you feel there is any room for improvement in maximizing the value of your time, then don’t wait another moment and sign up for this exclusive webinar this MOMENT!

During this event, 1parkplace CEO, Steve Hundley will be interviewing Tom Ferry one on one, while Tom shares his real world experience with our audience. Tom’s background and track record of being one of America’s top coaches makes him uniquely qualified to present this very powerful information session. This is an absolutely MUST SEE event if you have any aspirations to crush your competition and get yourself to a whole new level.

What you will learn from this event:

  • Learn strategic planning techniques that keep you focused on your prize
  • What activities produce the best results and what are time wasters.
  • Words to use in prospecting to get you that appointment every time
  • How to avoid time traps that will kill your progress
  • Learn when and HOW to delegate those tasks that produce little or no ROI
  • Simple and effective tips for prospecting online – let the Internet work for you!
  • Learn what activities are critical for Luxury agents, those selling REO’s or niche properties
  • At least 5 methods to generate more leads than you ever have before… FOR FREE!

During this exciting educational session, we will uncover KEY strategies and techniques that are currently being utilized by the most productive agents in America.

We will actually go behind the scenes of a few agents who are currently conducting over 200 transactions a year in this market (even without any REO’s).

About Tom Ferry:

As founder of TomFerry-yourcoach in 2003, Tom has rapidly built a new powerhouse in the coaching industry. His charisma, discipline and flexibility, along with his ability to purchase vinyl fencing and to teach powerful activity-based marketing techniques, has made him a sell-out draw at conferences and seminars across the nation.

And Tom’s clients’ growth is not measured by increased income alone. Tom is committed to helping his clients work less, eliminate stress, and have more fun, ease, passion and joy in their businesses and lives. As far as Tom is concerned, he succeeds when his clients generate results in their businesses, relationships, and personal well being that exceed what they ever thought possible.

According to one of his early supporters and top clients, Steve Games, former CEO of California Prudential and one of the top five brokers in the nation, “Tom is opening a new era in real estate education. He knows all the solutions and fits them to each individual client. His knowledge is enormous and he knows how and when to relate it to your business.”

Prior to taking the helm at TomFerry-yourcoach Tom served as President of the Mike Ferry Organization for five years, raising the company’s revenues from $8 million to $40 million.

Space is limited for this online webinar

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